Further Clarification: How Does Invisalign Affect Daily Life?

November 6, 2015

Does Invisalign cause discomfort?

  • Compared to traditional metal braces? Much less so. Chapstick and orthodontic wax will not be items you’ll need to carry with you to alieve discomfort. However, within the first couple of days of each stage of treatment (when a new aligner is fitted) some patients experience a feeling of pressure as the aligner shifts their teeth into the desired position. This tends to pass rather quickly.

Will Invisalign effect how I talk?

  • As the tongue gets used to having aligners around the teeth, it’s not uncommon for people to experience a slight lisp for the first couple of days of treatment. But like discomfort, this too passes quickly.

How will having Invisalign affect smoking and drinking?

  • It’s recommended that patients refrain from smoking since the chemicals and nicotine tend to stain the aligners. Patients may wish to circumvent this by taking their aligners out every time they smoke, but Invisalign needs to be on 20-to-22 hours out of the day in order to work. So taking the aligners out often will likely result in extending the duration of treatment.

The high sugar content of alcohol can make it so the sugars get trapped between the aligners and teeth (plaque nirvana, in other words). So we recommend being mindful of alcohol consumption (and other surgery drinks like sodas) and to clean both the teeth and aligners after consumption.

How about chewing gum?

  • These can end up sticking to the aligners. So like all food and beverage consumption, the aligners should be taken off. Fortunately, Invisalign makes that easy to do.



Speaking of which, any eating restrictions?

  • Unlike other orthodontic treatments, there’s no restrictions as to what you can eat. Enjoy the foods you love. You only need to remove your aligners every time you eat and drink. It’s advised that you brush your teeth and clean the aligners after every meal to keep plaque from building up.


Okay, seems like keeping my aligners clean is pretty important. Any suggestions?

  • We recommend using the Invisalign Cleaning System that can be ordered at www.invisalignstore.com. Alternatively, you can keep the aligners clean by brushing and rinsing them in lukewarm water.


Next week, we’ll conclude our Invisalign FAQ with answers regarding transitioning from metal or ceramic braces to Invisalign and advice on aftercare. We hope these little sessions have been helpful in answering your questions and alieving any concerns you may have. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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