Is Mouthwash Really Necessary

April 4, 2016

A number of people think mouthwash is unnecessary for oral hygiene. That it’s just an added step to make sure our breath smells pleasant. Let’s imagine for a second that oral hygiene is like washing a car. For the job, you use a hose with an attachable nozzle having multiple pressure settings. The maximized pressure setting is the floss for in between spaces, like the grooves in the tires; while the mid-pressure is the brush for washing the dirt and grime off of the dirtiest parts of the car. Mouthwash is like a wide spray setting you use once the majority of washing is done to clear away any spots you may have missed.

Mouthwash keeps the breath smelling clean, and it’s particularly useful for people suffering from halitosis, but it’s not just for breath. Because the liquid covers a large area inside the mouth and teeth (all of it with effective swishing), it targets the areas you may have missed when using a toothbrush and floss. Harmful germs and food particles can rest on the inside of the mouth (near the lips and inner cheeks). When left unchecked, there’s a small chance it could undo all the hard work you put forth from brushing. While it’s true, that the benefits of mouthwash can be covered by thoroughly brushing the gums and the inside of the mouth, many people aren’t comfortable having the bristles move along those areas. Mouthwash is the answer to that problem.

It also acts as a containment measure if you have small (recent) cavities. Mouthwash with fluoride will help by slowing the infection’s ability to spread and repairing some of the mineral damage to the teeth. Using mouthwash will help you tread water for a time, so you’ll still need to see your dentist to remove the cavity.

If you have more questions about the benefits of mouthwash, you can contact your local dentists or orthodontist in Gahanna, Westerville and Johnstown, Ohio areas. You can also contact us at Maple Orthodontics here. Happy brushing, happy flossing and happy swishing.


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