How to Keep Kids with Braces Active

November 26, 2019

Getting your child braces from a Columbus Orthodontist is the best way to get the smile you want. However, they can cause some minor inconveniences for active children. From avoiding gum to the aches and pains that come with check-ups, they can be a necessary nuisance. When a patient first gets braces, they are given a laundry list of foods to avoid and upkeep instructions.

Frequently, one of the first questions a parent will ask is if their child can participate in sports. Sports are a big part of many children’s lives and the question can cause concern. Fortunately, children with braces don’t have to worry about missing a season because yes, patients can participate in sports with braces. The real question is how?

In every sport, there’s always the possibility that someone or something is going to hit your mouth, which can cause damage to any orthodontic work. The best way to protect your braces and your smile is with an orthodontic mouthguard. An orthodontic mouthguard is very similar to traditional mouthguards, but is designed to fit over braces and minimize impact damage. Made of silicone and rubber, they’re softer and more pliable than regular mouthguards, and fit comfortably over braces. There are several kinds available, including boil-and-bite and stock options, however, the best fit is always going to be custom. 

Fortunately, the professionals at Maple Orthodontics are experts in braces, maintenance, and oral health. We also offer custom orthodontic mouthguards for all ages, so you can sleep easy knowing that your braces are safe while doing all the activities that you love.  Dr. Jenny Maple has been treating patients and improving smiles for nearly 20 years. Joined by Dr. Kara Morris, our practice is a cutting-edge New Albany Orthodontist. Professional and compassionate, they’ve been happily and successfully serving the New Albany area for over ten years. Request an appointment to get more information about the best options for braces.


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